Learning By Doing – A hands-on cooking experience provides participants with healthy recipes to try in class, and then a box of cooking supplies and ingredients to try again at home. Participants will experience a 6 week cooking workshop and opportunities to give feedback on recipes tried by their families. This pilot program targets heads of households for up to 10 participants and a family meal at the end of the trial.

Total Budget: $4840

Healthy Hero Contest – In collaboration with Stockbridge Community Schools, the coalition will generate increased visibility in the communities we serve by highlighting role models in the community who exemplify positive lifestyles for the four focus areas. Residents will nominate individuals in the community, and four winners will receive a cash prize that can be awarded to the non-profit organization of their choosing.

Total Budget: $1000

 My Choice – My Health Diabetes Prevention Program – The National Kidney Foundation will oversee the implementation of the My Choice My Health pre-diabetes prevention workshop, focusing on nutrition and dietary support for weight loss for those adults identified at risk for developing Type II diabetes. Weekly weigh-ins and education about lifestyle changes will be discussed.

Total Budget: $5500

Trail to Beckwith Preserve –  In collaboration with Stockbridge Community Schools, a natural pathway will be constructed connecting the Beckwith Preserve to the existing Stockbridge trail system. This intervention will enhance access to the trail, as was recommended in the 2015 Stockbridge Urban Trails Plan.

Total Budget: $9,000

Stockbridge Wellness Center BE-FIT Program – Managed by 5HF and the Stockbridge Wellness Center staff, Be-Fit targets 8th graders and high schoolers in the Stockbridge Community Schools to encourage a regular fitness routine. A pre and post fitness assessment will help to structure individualized fitness plans for up to 20 individuals.

Total Budget: $6109

Community Information Brochure – Stockbridge Community Schools proposes an annual brochure to assist with our marketing goals.  This EDDM approach will give community residents a snapshot to local wellness events, volunteer opportunities, enrichment programs, and contact information for local organizations. 8000 copies will be mailed and distributed locally in September 2016.

Total Budget: $5000

5H Logo Bike Racks – 5HF will work with the Village Offices to coordinate the installation of bike racks with 5H logos to encourage community members to bicycle in the Village and to promote awareness of coalition efforts to promote physical activity.

Total Budget: $3000

Strategic Design Plan for Open Spaces – In collaboration with Stockbridge Community Schools, a design firm will be contracted to seek recommendations on converting school property to active community and play use. This plan will steer infrastructure and programmatic strategies that promote physical activity for the next 5 years.

Total Budget: $4000

SRSLY Stockbridge – In collaboration with our schools and SJMH/Chelsea, SRSLY Stockbridge continues its community coalition building dedicated to the prevention of destructive behaviors in our youth population. Data is tracked through participation, MiPhy and other surveys.

Total Budget: $20,000

Heritage Healthy Snacks – Using the power of peer communications, 90 students in the 5th grade classrooms at Heritage Elementary School will be offered fresh fruits and vegetables as the only school-time snack choice throughout the year.  Surveys will track offerings and responses. Additional collaboration with the school greenhouse program will be developed.

Total Budget: $6000

Tide Me Over – In a continuing partnership between Stockbridge Community Outreach, Stockbridge Community Schools and Farmer’s State Bank, Tide Me Over will provide healthy food backpacks to bridge the food gap for kids on the weekends and during holiday breaks. PreK through 5th grade children who qualify for free and reduced lunch are eligible for this program, with take-home kits filled with dried fruit, canned vegetables, fruit cups and lean proteins.

Total Budget: $7000

Community Pathways Trail Maintenance and Improvements  – Stockbridge Community Schools will oversee the contract with local landscapers for weed control, vegetation removal, and clean up three times per year. Over 700 people use the trails each year and it is important to maintain the trail system for the safety of older adults, school teams, families with strollers, to name a few.

Total Budget: $2250