Wellness In Chelsea

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Dear Friends and Family,
Since launching our first comprehensive community wellness initiative in 2011 with generous support from the 5 Healthy Towns Foundation and volunteers in the community, the Chelsea Wellness Coalition has come a long way. Today, we represent over 24 community organizations and more than 35 community members participating in coalition meetings to bring innovative and impactful wellness programming to our residents. This past year, we embarked on a new path – continuing with our 5 year strategic plan but changing the focus of our programs from the four topic areas of 5HF’s mission, to a more meaningful approach that made sense for the Chelsea Community.

We call it Chelsea Friends & Family Wellness!

Friends and Family Wellness embodies the spirit of our work as volunteers working in teams. We strive to bring people together – by offering wellness programs and community events that people want and need, and by organizing ourselves in a connected way. This connectedness will improve our effectiveness at reaching out to our community at large †through schools, the wellness center, doctor’s offices, our community hospital, and organizations that offer programming to our senior residents. We are all important stakeholders in
the mission of fostering a culture of wellness in Chelsea.

From your fellow Chelsea residents, we wish you the best of health today and always! We hope you will join us as we move toward our goal to be the best we can be.

A complete list of their approved interventions can be found here.

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Chelsea Wellness Coalition Meeting Schedule

Date Meeting Location
August 2 5 Healthy Towns Foundation Conference Room
September 6  5 Healthy Towns Foundation Conference Room
October 4 5 Healthy Towns Foundation Conference Room
November 1  5 Healthy Towns Foundation Conference Room
 All meetings at Noon, unless otherwise noted