Wellness in Dexter

Members of Dexter Wellness Coalition gather at a February meeting.

The Dexter Community Wellness Initiative is a coalition of Dexter, Michigan community leaders and residents who have come together to make a positive and proactive impact on its community's health and wellness. In 2011, the Coalition gathered to develop a long term wellness plan that would satisfy the health needs of the community. Led by two community leaders, called “Co-Motivators,” the coalition reviewed available health data and benchmarks for successful programs, analyzed current service needs, and discussed actionable items that would fit Dexter’s health profile.

The Dexter Wellness Coalition’s ultimate goal is to create a culture of wellness in Dexter and help individuals, families, organizations and businesses promote healthy lifestyle choices for all constituencies (residents, students, employees, members). Overall, we will evaluate the effectiveness of our proposed interventions on an ongoing basis by looking at participation, effectiveness of communications in reaching our targeted audiences, and over time, to consider the programmatic impact on HIP and MiPHY data reports. Other health indices can be evaluated on an intervention – by – intervention basis as participants report program satisfaction and appropriate changes in personal health habits.

To learn more about their plans for Dexter and the projects that have been approved, click here.

Dexter Wellness Coalition Meeting Schedule

Date Meeting Location
August 14 Dexter Wellness Center Conference Room
September 11 Dexter Wellness Center Conference Room
October 9 Dexter Wellness Center Conference Room
All meetings are at 5:30 pm, unless otherwise noted.