Wellness In Manchester

The Manchester Wellness Coalition was formed in 2010 to develop a Comprehensive Wellness Plan in cooperation with the 5 Healthy Towns Foundation. As residents of the Manchester community, we’ll choose to eat better, move more, avoid unhealthy substances and make healthy connections with others. Along with our neighboring partners in the 5 Healthy Towns Project, we’ll become one of the healthiest communities in the Midwest.

The Manchester Wellness Coalition was recently recognized by the Michigan Recreation and Park Association and awarded its Community Service Award for organizational leadership that supports parks and recreation in Michigan, including program sponsors and volunteers who make a difference through contributions to parks, recreation and leisure services. This is a great testament to the hard work of our volunteers and program leaders.  Congratulations!

Year 2 (2013-2014) was an active year for wellness in the Village of Manchester.  At the Wellness Coalition table were many volunteers wearing multiple hats, to better represent the varied needs and interests of our stakeholders, collaborators, and ultimately our local residents. Last year, we worked together to implement 10 programmatic interventions from our Year 2 plan, and met regularly to track our progress. For Year 3, we bring forward 18 programs, 9 of which are new strategies to address ongoing health needs and risk indicators. We realize it takes time to achieve a true culture of wellness in our village, but we believe we are well on our way to making it a reality. And if our hunch is correct, we will again hit a home run with the program ideas and suggestions in this plan.

We welcome your input at any point, and hope you will join us this coming year to share your suggestions on how we can improve our decision making process and our plans in the future.

We wish you the best of health as you travel your own wellness journey,

The Manchester Wellness Coalition

The Fifth MWC Comprehensive Plan was approved in the summer of 2016. The Manchester Comprehensive Wellness Plan totals $75,000. The interventions include programs considered best practices in community health, like Safe Routes to School (SR2S).  SR2S is a program to encourage more school age children to walk and bike to school.  Also included with the approved interventions monies for Manchester Farmers Market, SRSLY Manchester, the Manchester MMLB Challenge and more! 

You can find a complete list of interventions in the approved intervention list.  

For more information, please contact us at manchesterwellnesscoalition@gmail.com.

You can also follow the Manchester Wellness Coalition on facebook.

Manchester Wellness Coalition Meeting Schedule

Date Meeting Location
August 28 Village Room, Manchester Village Offices   
September 25 Village Room,Manchester Village Offices
October 23 Village Room,Manchester Village Offices
All meetings at Noon, unless otherwise noted