The Five Healthy Towns Project (5H) is a ground breaking, innovative project that involves planning and funding of a communitywide wellness plan. The goal of 5H is to create the healthiest five communities in the Midwest. Chelsea, Dexter, Grass Lake, Manchester and Stockbridge, in partnership with the 5 Healthy Towns Foundation (5HF), formerly Chelsea-Area Wellness Foundation (CWF), are working together on a wellness plan that incorporates existing programs and new strategies to impact community wellness.

Ongoing collaboration will maintain and expand wellness-related programs, policies and infrastructure.

5H is comprehensive; impacting everyone by focusing on a variety of wellness related activites. It centers on four elements that are the core of 5HF’s vision:   Eat Better, Move More, Connect with Other in Healthy Ways and Avoid Unhealthy Substances.

Community representatives came together, building Wellness Coalitions to assess their respective communities, determine existing resources and respond to wellness needs. 5HF provides knowledge of what’s been tried and proven effective, nationwide. There is room for innovation if the probability for success is high.

There is room for everyone in the Community Wellness Coalitions. To learn more about wellness efforts in your community, either click on the Wellness links on the right of this page or on one of the community pages on our home page.

Email or call 734.433.4599 for how you can help our communities become healthy places to live, work and play!