Big Red Barrels are a proven best practice that responds to the growing problem of prescription drug abuse. Easy access to pain killers, stimulants, anti-depressants, cough syrup and other medicines are a factor in the rise of abuse. A Big Red Barrel allows people to remove unwanted and expired prescription drugs from their homes.

Controlled substances and all other solid dosage medications are accepted with no questions asked, but liquids, intravenous solutions, injection drugs and needles cannot by disposed through the Red Barrel.

The Chelsea, Dexter, Grass Lake and Manchester coalitions have partnered together to install Red Barrels within their communities. The Big Red Barrels are located in the Chelsea Police Department vestibule, at the Grass Lake Village Offices/Jackson County Sheriff sub-station and at the Washtenaw County Police Department sub-stations in Dexter, Manchester, and Scio Township There is also a Big Red Barrel located at the Unadilla Police Station.  The Village of Stockbridge Police Department has a similar program called a Black Box.

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