In 2013, the Dexter Wellness Coalition successfully launched our Wellness Initiative to the community. A Volunteer coalition of community residents assessed needs, planned priorities, and reached out to the community to foster a culture of wellness in our village and in our schools.

Programs to note include Safe Routes to School, Cooking Classes, SRSLY, Farm to School Market and Community Garden, Bike Racks in the Village, Dexter Walking Program with Walking Maps, and Community Read.

Many of these interventions will continue into 2014 with existing or new funding, including outside grants. We continue to seek out collaborative partnerships with government and businesses to cultivate sustainability and expand the reach of our activities.Dear Dexter Community:

As the Dexter Wellness Coalition begins its second year of operation in sponsoring and promoting the 5H
principles, we adopted a new theme that our community schools profess every day: Dread Strong! To the
residents of Dexter, Michigan, this theme has immense value. It means that we actively seek out and support
ways to live strong and be strong. For personal wellness, we promote a strong body, a strong spirit, and a strong
Dexter community. Dread Strong! will lead our Wellness Initiatives into a successful Year 2.

As a volunteer coalition of residents, businesses owners, school officials, government and church leaders and
health practitioners, we are bringing forward 12 health interventions/programs that continue to focus on the
health and wellness of our community. From wellness walks to Community Read, from depression awareness to
a serious focus on prevention of youth and teen substance use, from kid’s cooking classes to a Winters Market
open to every resident; we actively seek ways to build on the foundation we established in 2013, a foundation
that will carry Dexter’s culture of wellness in to 2014 and beyond.

In the words of author and motivational coach Anthony “Tony” Robbins, we take this inspiration to heart:
“I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece. I challenge you to join the ranks of those people, who live what they teach, who walk their talk.”

So please join us as we walk the talk of wellness. Dread Strong!