In preparation for its Comprehensive Wellness Plan Recommendations, the Grass Lake Community Wellness Coalition studied and reviewed available data from the BRFSS 2010 Report, the Michigan Profile for Healthy Youth, the County Health Improvement Plan, the Nutrition Environment Assessment Tool, and the Report for Promoting Active Communities. As a follow-up, the Coalition focused its discussions on the development of a Logic Model in 2011, to guide its planning and assure that strategies and interventions were databased, measureable, and appropriate.

It is clear from the data that the Grass Lake community would benefit from health initiatives/interventions that target risks factors for the following:

  1. Outreach for depression awareness, intervention and treatment, especially among school age populations
  2. Weight Management and Healthy Nutrition Programs for adults, adolescents and children
  3. Nutrition and Dietary support for high blood pressure and high cholesterol management
  4. Exercise support for weight management, high blood pressure and cholesterol management
  5. Ongoing early detection screening for high blood pressure and high cholesterol since these are diseases that often go undiagnosed, and list weight as a primary risk factor. If untreated, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia can lead to more complex, costly and devastating health issues. Based on research studies, this may also be expanded to include early diabetes awareness, detection and education.

The coalition’s Year Nine plan was approved in April 2021 and includes 11 different interventions.  We look forward to launching new interventions that will make a difference to the residents and families of Grass Lake.

Wellness Plans