“The MANCHESTER WELLNESS COALITION plays an important role in our community.


Local Leaders and Champions for Wellness.

We seek community input whenever possible.

We develop plans based on COMMUNITY NEEDS AND DATA.

We are adaptable and flexible when community priorities change.

We WORK WITH PARTNERS to lend support when needed.

We create opportunities for Manchester residents to lead healthier lives.”

The Manchester Wellness Coalition proposed 14 total interventions in the Year 9 plan. Our largest project, establishing infrastructure for Acorn Farmers’ Market and Café, has received prior approval due to timing in the early Spring of 2020. The market has already launched its Patronicity matching campaign for local funds.

Due to the restructuring of all SRSLY proposals into separate activities, one intervention is now broken into 7 distinct interventions.

We estimate over 20,800 units of engagement this year.

Download the complete Year 9 wellness plan »