Each year, the Data Review Team, comprised of volunteers from the Manchester Wellness Coalition, analyzes trends and key performance indicators. For the Year 8 Plan, 50 community members responded ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Not Sure’ to nine wellness issues on the survey.

The top two identified wellness issues in Manchester are:

  1. Students need role models and skills for leadership, kindness, why gossiping hurts others (84% yes responses)

One intervention, Link Crew will address this issue, but we are still looking for a program that will help adults understand the importance of treating others with kindness and promoting in adults a Gossip Hurts campaign.

  1. Students use electronic devices too much (80% yes responses)

This has been a top issue in Manchester. Each year numerous interventions offer students opportunities to NOT use electronic devices.  This year Riverside Garden, MCS Summer Kids Camp, Run Manchester (robotic team), Link Crew, Farmers Market, Community and School Gardens and Safe Routes to School all provide non-electronic activities for students

 Other Wellness issues which received Yes by 50% or more of the responses in the survey were:

  • Consumption of fruits and vegetables (65% agree this is an issue)
  • People vaping (60% responded yes this is an issue)
  • Students using alcohol, cigarettes and vaping (also 60%)
  • More trails for walking, running and biking (50% responded yes)

For our Year 8 plan, we received funding 5 new interventions and 6 continuing interventions.  Our new interventions focus on Move More, Eat Better and Connect with Others, and planning was based on community survey input and recommendations by our Data Review Team. The largest intervention funding request is for the establishment of the Acorn Farmers Market and Café, now pursuing additional funding commitments and 501c3 status. Acorn plans to open by the second quarter of 2020.

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