Engineering Drawings/Plan – SAWC will contract with a a local engineering firm to develop engineering plans that will help develop the Stockbridge Community Recreation and Education Park. Preliminary planning for this park was created two years ago as part of a previous comprehensive wellness plan. In the future, this facility will be open to the public and used by all ages and abilities.  The facility will be located on school property across from Stockbridge Junior/Senior High School adjacent to Beckwith Preserve. The engineering drawings will be used in a grant application to MDNR.  Engineering costs are ineligible for MDNR grant funding.

Funding Request: $5000

Community Cooking Classes – Building on the foundation of the Cooking Matters curriculum, Stockbridge Community Outreach will offer 2 fall workshops and 2 spring workshops focusing on hands-on meal preparation to teach new skills related to food purchasing, recipe modification, and building lifelong healthy eating habits.

Funding Request: $12,500

Huron Waterloo Pathways Initiative Trail Match – Ingham County Parks and Recreation and the Ingham County Board of Commissioners awarded $805,000 to the Village of Stockbridge to complete a 3.2 mile construction project upgrading Mike Levine Lakeland Trails State Park from M-52 (Clinton Street) northeast to the Ingham/Livingston County line. As a condition of that grant, Stockbridge Area Wellness Coalition was scheduled to contribute $15,000 as part of the local funding match requirement.  Those funds were to come from Stockbridge’s Year 7 and Year 8 Comprehensive Wellness Plans ($7,500 from each year). Funds will by used by HWPI for future projects along the trail.

Funding Request: $7500

Community Pathways Tail Maintenance – SAWC seeks funds to continue maintaining the walking pathways throughout the Stockbridge community. We will work with Dave Mancini quarterly to apply weed killer on the trails where needed throughout the season and use brush hogs to cut back the vegetation. Volunteers will do smaller clean up and maintenance tasks more often, to ensure that branches and trash are removed.  This year we will add an additional trail segment.

Funding Request: $3000

 Bridge to Wellness Challenge – The popular B2W will host three individual sprint challenges to introduce Stockbridge area participants to fitness events as well as educational programs.  The program will focus on (3 ) month long weight loss challenges, awarding prizes to the top 5 finishers of each challenge, based on percentage of body weight lost.

Funding Request: $5000

Be Fit – An 8-week program targeting youth ages 12-18 encourages students to begin a regular fitness routine and provides an alternative to after school organized sports. The program consists of 2 one-hour instructor-led fitness classes per week, an individualized exercise plan for each participant, and a pre and post fitness assessment. Students are given unlimited access to the Stockbridge Wellness Center during the program. A prize for those who complete the program is awarded at the final session.

Funding Request: $3430


Tide Me Over – To address the food gap for children who receive free and reduced lunch resources, Stockbridge Community Outreach volunteers, in collaboration with Stockbridge Community Schools staff, Crossroad Community Church volunteers, Greater Lansing Food Bank and Farmers State Bank, will send home weekly backpacks filled with basic food for Pre-K – 6th grade children at Smith Elementary School and Heritage School who qualify for free & reduced lunch program. Backpacks are distributed from September 3 throughout the school year.

Funding Request: $ 6000

Smith Healthy Snacks – This Eat Better intervention will provide 8 elementary classes and 4 preschool classes at Smith Elementary School the opportunity to consume healthier snacks – including produce – at least once per week. 11 classrooms will offer the healthy snack once per week. Curious Cubs (pre-school class) hopes to offer healthier snacks every day. The program manager will also incorporate an educational nutrition component with the snack distribution. We are currently seeking a new volunteer manager and will use $1,670 of the budget for his/her compensation.

Funding Request: $9070

Coalition Marketing – To continue our campaigns to raise community awareness of the SAWC and our offerings, we will invest in advertising, a billboard placement, sponsorships and giveaways. Our success will be measured on participation and social media.

Funding Request: $ 3500

SRSLY Stockbridge – SRSLY empowers and equips Stockbridge youth to reach their full potential by remaining substance-free, using multiple strategies and a focus on youth leadership and community engagement to prevent youth substance abuse. The primary population is youth ages 10-15, and their families (approximately 600 youth and their families) within the Stockbridge Community School District.

Funding Request: $ 15,000