Chelsea, MI – June 19, 2022:  Chelsea Wellness Center and Dexter Wellness Center are pleased to announce they have achieved Medical Fitness Facility re-certification by the Medical Fitness Association (MFA), the country’s leading organization dedicated solely to medically integrated wellness and fitness facilities. The MFA Facility Certification is recognized as a mark of excellence in the health and wellness industry.

This re-certification represents a significant commitment by 5 Healthy Towns (5HF) Wellness Centers to offer the highest standards of professional expertise and quality programming. Both Wellness Centers are here to help members develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle that minimizes the risk of illness and disease and promotes overall wellness.

“The re-certification confirms that the Wellness Centers continue to meet the guidelines set forth by the MFA to ensure that our programs and services deliver medically integrated, measurable outcomes.” said Cindy Cope, Senior Director, Chelsea and Dexter Wellness Centers. “We are proud to offer a variety of programs with an educational approach to help improve the fitness, health and well-being of the communities we serve; both members and non-members.”

The Facility Certification is the only certification offered specifically to facilities in the medical fitness industry.  Based on the Association’s internationally recognized Standards and Guidelines for Medical Fitness Facilities, the certification process involves an in-depth, on-site review of a facility’s adherence to a set of prescribed standards and guidelines. The certification process is an integral part of ensuring that facilities provide a high level of quality and safety in the programs and services they deliver in order for them to become fully integrated into the local continuum of healthcare.

“As incidences of chronic disease continues to rise, the need for medical fitness facilities to offer a high standard of programming is more important than ever,” said David Flench, FACHE, FMFA, President and CEO, MFA. “Studies have shown that when people maintain an active lifestyle, especially in a safe environment, they reduce the risk of illness down the road. The Wellness Centers continue to provide this extraordinary level of care.”

According to Steve Petty, CEO, 5 Healthy Towns Foundation, there are only four medically certified wellness centers in Michigan, and two belong to the 5 Healthy Towns Foundation (Chelsea and Dexter Wellness Centers). “We are proud to be a leader in the State of Michigan for medically integrated fitness and wellness services. Our congratulations go to our entire team for their ongoing commitment to member care and services.”


About Chelsea Wellness Center and Dexter Wellness Center

Chelsea and Dexter Wellness Centers, along with Stockbridge Wellness Center, are part of a primary strategy in 5 Healthy Towns Foundation’s efforts to bring about sustainable improvements in health.  Chelsea and Dexter offer programs overseen by teams of professionally trained and certified fitness specialists.  In addition, the centers offer a supervised fitness program called MyFitRx® for individuals transitioning from or managing medical conditions including Cancer, Cardiac, Pulmonary, Diabetes, Orthopedic, and Weight Management amongst others.  “Participants, including non-members, can be referred by any healthcare provider for the MyFitRx® program.  Pre- and Post-program fitness assessment reports are sent to the participant’s physician and are used to set and measure fitness goals,” said Cope.  “MyFitRx® is designed to also assist those who simply need additional guidance and support.”

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About 5 Healthy Towns Foundation

5 Healthy Towns Foundation is a tax-exempt private foundation governed by a volunteer board of directors.  The foundation serves the populations included in the school districts of Chelsea, Dexter, Grass Lake, Manchester, and Stockbridge.  Learn more at

About the Medical Fitness Association
The Medical Fitness Association is a not-for-profit member organization, whose purpose is to lead in the development and operational success of medically integrated fitness centers impacting the “global health continuum of care” by providing industry standards, operational guidelines, educational programming, benchmarking, outcome measurements, professional development, and networking opportunities accomplished through its webinar series, events, the Medical Fitness Leadership Institute, Annual Conference, individual and facility certifications, and publications.