5 Healthy Towns Foundation Letter of Inquiry (LOI)


Use this brief outline to describe your project. Please don’t exceed one or two paragraphs in length. Be direct and keep in mind that this is your opportunity to stand out to the grant committee by saying who you are and what you plan to do with the funding.

A) Name of your organization

B) Brief description of your organization

C) Non-profit status (are you a non-profit)

D) Amount requested for the project

E) Description of the project objectives

Communication with your Wellness Coalition

Describe actions taken to inform and discuss the project with the wellness coalition in the community you hope to impact and why you are seeking funding outside of the Comprehensive Wellness Plan?

A) How this request relates to the community’s Comprehensive Wellness Plan.

B) Include documentation from the Wellness Coalition of actions taken to inform and discuss with them, the activity’s potential for inclusion in the Comprehensive Wellness Plan. Documentation may take the form of meeting minutes, email correspondence or a letter from the Wellness Coalition leadership.

Statement of Need

What needs does your proposal address? How do you know there is a need? Describe how the proposed project will meet those needs. Be compelling about how this project relates to the mission and vision of 5HF.

Describe the needs in terms of the following aspects

A) Target population

B) Geographic area

C) Abbreviated applicable statistical data to support the need (cite sources)

Project Design

This section must flow from the Needs section. Remember that this will be detailed more completely within your full proposal. It should be a brief fleshing out of the goals and objectives you described in your opening paragraph. Your proposed solution should:

Include objectives – Be clear and targeted to the needs * Include the steps for implementing the project * Provide a brief description of how you plan to determine if your project is successful * Outline achievable budget and timeline

Other Funding Sources

If you are asking 5HF for a portion of the project’s funding, please give a brief description of where the rest of the money is going to come from. Name other organizations you are approaching for funding, if any. List other commitments and the source.

Once you have completed your LOI, please mail or email to:

5 Healthy Towns Foundation – 14800 E. Old US Highway 12, Chelsea, MI – 48118