[Chelsea, Michigan] This month marks the launch of the Rock the Mock campaign.  Members of the One Big Thing action team that focuses on the use of alcohol and other substances are inviting local bars and restaurants in Chelsea, Dexter, Grass Lake, Manchester and Stockbridge to join their efforts to support community members who are either in recovery or choose not to drink alcohol by offering more mocktail and nonalcoholic beer and wine options for customers.

Local bars and restaurants who participate in the campaign will display a “Rock the Mock” vinyl cling in their windows so community members can easily identify the places offering special alcohol-free drink choices.  The campaign aims to foster a more inclusive environment where everyone in our communities can enjoy a drink without feeling excluded.

According to Chef Emily VanderWaard, from Chelsea Alehouse, “It’s awesome to have an option for people to come out and enjoy something without alcohol that is still delicious and flavorful. We recently added a jalapeno tonic, a ginger pineapple tonic and an orange pineapple mocktail.”

The names of participating bars and restaurants who are partnering with One Big Thing for the Rock the Mock campaign will be listed on onebigconnection.org and featured in Connected magazine.  

The following businesses have already agreed to participate in the Rock the Mock campaign:

Arctic Breakaway in Chelsea                       Portage Lake Parlor in Grass Lake

Chelsea Alehouse in Chelsea                      Stockbridge Bowl in Stockbridge

Cleary’s Pub in Chelsea                                Ugly Dog Distillery in Chelsea

Jet’s Pizza in Chelsea                                     Valiant Bar and Grill in Chelsea

Los Tres Amigos in Chelsea                         ZouZou’s Café in Chelsea

The Rock the Mock campaign is one of the many efforts the One Big Thing action teams are working on to promote better mental health within our communities.

For inquiries, please contact.

Kimberly Gillow   Kimberly@5healthytowns.org