STOCKBRIDGE, MI., May 18, 2017—Stockbridge Wellness Center recently reduced its monthly memberships rates. Adult memberships are now only $30 per month and youth memberships (age 12 and older) can be added to a parent membership for just $10.  Residents in the Stockbridge community will have access to a full selection of cardio and strength training equipment, a variety of group exercise classes, degreed and certified staff and more.

Every member has a personalized fitness plan, developed for them by a fitness specialist. When you join, you complete a fitness assessment to determine your current fitness status. Using those results the fitness specialist will create a customized exercise program to achieve your health and fitness goals. This service, along with other classes and programs are included with your membership.

Everyone, regardless of their current state of fitness, is welcome and will benefit from the programming available. You need no fancy clothing and no prior experience with fitness equipment or group exercise classes.

“Stockbridge Wellness Center is a great facility for our community to get and stay well,” said long-time SWC member Rich. D. “I’ve been a member of the Wellness Center since it opened its doors.  It’s so important that we support this local resource and see it succeed.  The more people who join the stronger SWC and our community will be going forward.”

Members of Stockbridge Wellness Center also have access to Chelsea and Dexter Wellness Centers during special hours with their Stockbridge member ID.

About Stockbridge Wellness Center

The Stockbridge Wellness Center, the first and biggest activity undertaken by the Stockbridge Area Wellness Coalition, opened in 2013. That was the year many residents of Stockbridge rolled up their sleeves, demolished walls, tore up flooring and made plans to bring a bright, welcoming wellness facility to Stockbridge.  The Center is supported by the 5 Healthy Towns Foundation.


Stockbridge Wellness Center

5116 S. m-106

Stockbridge, Michigan 49285

(517) 851-4486