5 Healthy Towns Foundation is now accepting proposals for regional interventions that address isolation, food access, and/or physical activity opportunities in the 5 Healthy Towns service area.  Up to $500,000 over the next three years will be made available for the RFP process.  The 5HF service area includes the populations within the Chelsea, Dexter, Grass Lake, Manchester, and Stockbridge School Districts. 

The purpose of this RFP is to partner with the community to make a positive impact on the pillars above through programs that are either best practices, recommended for success, or innovative ideas that have a strong chance of success. 

Applicants will use the RFP Response Document (available below) as a guideline to provide an explanation of what they plan to accomplish with their regional proposal.  Proposals should be sent to matt@5healthytowns.org and Lori@5healthytown.org by the 2nd Friday of the month to be considered at that month’s Committee for Strategic Impact (CSI) meeting. 

Successful proposals will be invited to complete a more detailed grant application if needed.  

Successful applications will:

  1. Include at least three of the 5 Healthy Towns service areas.
  2. Address at least one of the three focuses (isolation, food access and physical activity opportunities) while building around 5HF’s Pillars of Eat Better, Move More, Connect with Others in Healthy Ways, and Avoiding Unhealthy Substances.
  3. Provide evidence that the proposed intervention ties to Isolation, Food Access, and/or Physical Activity Opportunities through local data.  Applicants can use data sources found at onebigconnection.org/facts-figures or other local data sources.
  4. Have an evaluation strategy that uses SMART goals to determine success.
  5. Incorporate the principles of Connectivity, Engagement, Optimism, and/or Resiliency.
  6. Have a plan for continuation/sustainability of the proposal when funding ends from 5HF.
  7. Identify 501c3(s) to serve as a fiscal agent.
  8. Define how the application incorporates individuals or populations whose experiences are different.
  9. Include a budget outline.

The links below include the RFP Response Document, a sample of the criteria CSI will use to review applications and some helpful definitions. If you have questions please email matt@5healthytowns.org for more information.