More than 25 years ago, a vision to establish a quality, local senior living community was realized with the creation of Silver Maples of Chelsea. The original collaboration between Chelsea Hospital and United Methodist Retirement Communities demonstrated the impact that organizations could have by investing together in our community.

In 2009, Chelsea Hospital and the St. Joseph Mercy Health System merged; at that time the hospital’s 50% interest in Silver Maples was transferred to the 5 Healthy Towns Foundation.

Silver Maples of Chelsea continues to remain as vibrant as ever, excelling at creating and supporting a positive aging experience. Given our strong position in the Senior Living Industry, the Board of Directors believe this is the right time to shift our relationship with one of our Sponsor organizations, Brio Living Services.

On June 22, 2023, Brio Living Services’ 50% ownership of Silver Maples of Chelsea was transferred to a newly created entity, Silver Maples, Inc.; the 5 Healthy Towns Foundation continues to be a committed partner with Silver Maples.

“We are proud to continue our sponsorship of Silver Maples of Chelsea and look forward to working closely with their talented leadership team to provide a healthy, vibrant community for residents,” said Steve Petty, CEO of 5 Healthy Towns Foundation in a press release.

“Together, we share a commitment to supporting the health and well-being of seniors, building places of connection, and inspiring all members of our communities to reach their fullest potential. We are grateful to UMRC, (now Brio Living Services) for their partnership and investment in Silver Maples over the last 25 years and look forward to seeing Silver Maples continue to flourish in its efforts to serve older adults in Chelsea,” said Petty.

Jim Alford, Silver Maples Board member, said, “When the opportunity presented itself to our Board, we decided that local ownership would be best in order to protect the heart of the organization and continue the outstanding leadership and management of Silver Maples. Local ownership allows the residents of Silver Maples, who are our first priority, opportunities to meet with the management and board members who serve them. This direct line of communication is what makes Silver Maples so special.”

“It is an honor to be asked to chair Silver Maples, Inc., and be part of the continued growth of such a wonderful organization,” Alford said.

Julie Deppner, CEO of Silver Maples, said, “Brio Senior Living and the 5 Healthy Towns Foundation have been our steadfast sponsors since the beginning, over 25 years ago. Our new ownership structure and ongoing commitment from 5HF ensures Silver Maples of Chelsea will continue to provide the highest level of quality care, is fully engaged in the Chelsea community, and is well-positioned to continue this success into the future.”

Deppner said, “We look forward to all that is to come. This new sponsorship structure paves the way for an opportunity for Silver Maples to become independent of any sponsors if desired and allows the organization to remain financially strong, with a very bright future.”

Silver Maples of Chelsea Retirement Neighborhood was built in1997 to provide housing options and a lifestyle that encourages older adults to take an active role in their lives. As a leader in the industry, Silver Maples is passionate about creating and supporting a positive aging experience for their residents while exceeding expectations.  The warm, vibrant community culture and beautiful wooded setting is an ideal location for those looking for independent or assisted living homes in southeast Michigan.

Silver Maples of Chelsea is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that is jointly sponsored by Silver Maples Inc. and the 5 Healthy Towns Foundation. If you’re interested in learning more about this award winning retirement neighborhood near Ann Arbor, visit, follow and connect on Facebook or Instagram, or call (734) 475-4111 to schedule a visit and see it for yourself.